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Welcome to Great Expectations Minneapolis, the premier dating service that provides personalized attention and customized matchmaking its members like no other dating service can. How do we do it? We listen to you and your needs when it comes to finding an ideal companion, and you're an integral part in the entire process. No dating service stays around for over three decades without doing something right, and along the way we've built quite the community of professional singles we know you'll enjoy.

If you chose to make us your personal dating service, you will receive:



With technology being what it is today, you can meet anyone, anywhere at anytime. But do you really know who you’re meeting? Thankfully at Great Expectations Minneapolis you don’t have to wonder. We know each of our members personally and make safety a major priority. Each eligible Great Expectations member is screened with background and credit checks so we know our members are honest and reputable. Great Expectations uses the old fashioned way of dating, introducing people to people. Single people have been... Read More →



As a successful and unique individual know how important your privacy is. And why should you have to compromise that privacy to join a dating service? At Great Expectations Minneapolis we understand the necessity for privacy, and we treat it very seriously. With scam artists and charlatans roaming the Internet, we feel that real world dating is the best way to keep things simple and safe. It’s the best way to protect your identity. Most online dating communities take your personal information and post on their site... Read More →



You can never be sure of just who you’re meeting through an Internet dating site, or if they even exist at all. There has been an overwhelming trend of advertisers and spammers exploiting social profiles as a marketing tool. This is something you will not find at Great Expectations Minneapolis. We’re the leading dating service with a reputation you can trust. We use photo personals and video personals to showcase our singles in an honest, respectable fashion. How does it work? Our video personals show you... Read More →


Serious Singles

We all went through the awkward and fickle dating world of high school and college, and frankly don’t you just dread having to go through that again? Great Expectations Minneapolis knows better than to give you something you don’t want. Our serious Minneapolis singles are professionals and have a level of maturity you can set your watch to. And that might mean we have to turn a few singles away. Not a problem. Great Expectations isn’t for everyone, and that’s to your advantage – because it opens... Read More →


Singles Events

When you sign up for Great Expectations Minneapolis you are signing up for more than a stellar real world dating service, you are involving yourself in an active community of likeminded singles. We take pride in our community and invest in our singles by hosting regular Minneapolis singles events and outings, ranging from luxurious limo pub-crawls to fun speed dating nights. These singles events have helped make Great Expectations the premier dating network in Minneapolis, and with your help it will continue to stay that... Read More →


Experienced Matchmaking

For over three decades Great Expectations Minneapolis has brought their expertise to singles for the soul purpose of finding that perfect companion. No dating service can stay around that long without doing something right. Because we do it all by hand, getting the best results – real relationships that last. We’re the most experienced dating service around, willing to spare no expense and invest the personal time to produce perfect matches for quality singles. We’ve been bringing together happy couples... Read More →

The main focus that we center around is YOU! And with all that we have to offer, we hope that you will chose us. In return, you will receive our best upscale dating services.

When you sign up for Great Expectations Minneapolis you'll be invited to a wide variety of singles events and mixers that make it possible to find singles just like you. And not to worry, we wouldn't introduce you to just anyone. To ensure your safety all the way, we perform an extensive background and credit check on all new members, to make your dating experience more reliable and reputable than any run-of-the-mill Internet site. Plus we only share your information with your approval. We know all of our members personally and have a knack for matchmaking the old fashioned way. But you make all of the decisions that matter most, and we're always there to lending a helpful hand.

So, what are you waiting for? Great Expectations is the dating service you've been looking for, and the dating service that countless thousands of people just like you have used and approved. You never know when love will strike, but it's always good to know that it could be just around the corner. Why not let Great Expectations lead you there?

Who Are You Seeking?


Christian Singles

Great Expectations is the best opportunity that Minneapolis Christian singles have for finding Godly companionship in Minnesota. Our value-based community of Christian singles... [Read more]


Single Parents

As a single parent, finding the time to date can be a seemingly impossible task. Meeting new people (and quality people at that) is a rare happening, but all that can change with... [Read more]


Divorced Singles

If you’re a Minneapolis divorced single that is ready for a new start, you are in the right place! Great Expectations is an experienced dating service with a program that... [Read more]


Fitness Singles

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Mature Singles

Meet professional and mature singles in our community at Great Expectations Minneapolis. Our personable matchmakers have been arranging dates and joining couples for more than... [Read more]

Your Target Age Range


20 Something Singles

If you are a 20 something single in Minneapolis, and even the slightest bit curious about professional dating services, it’s probably because you have seen through the illusion... [Read more]


30 Something Singles

It’s a good time to be over thirty and single in Minneapolis! Great Expectations has been playing matchmaker for Minneapolis 30 something singles for over 30 years. And... [Read more]


Over 40 Singles

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Singles Over 50

If you’re single and over 50, then you’re in the right place. Great Expectations Minneapolis has more than thirty years of experience playing cupid for members who... [Read more]


Senior Singles

If you’re a Minneapolis senior and looking for reliable companionship, Great Expectations can help. Our team of experienced matchmakers has an impressive reputation for successfully... [Read more]